Hello, my name is Josh McKeon. My middle name is Torin. As a result, I am sometimes called “Torin.” Sometimes I call myself name “Josh Torin” to avoid confusion with other Josh McKeons and also to make use of my middle name for its own sake.

I am an artist currently living in New York City. My works include paintings, drawings, etchings, vector and pixel art, animation, welded sculpture, sculptural soap, performance art and more.

My web-based initiatives have dipped into a variety of social media sites and e-commerce sites. The purpose of Josh McKeon’s Web Hub is to gather these web projects together in a convenient hyper-linked index.

What follows is a general description of my online plexus : galleries of analog art are on my Flickr page ; galleries of pixel and vector art are on my Deviant art page, though there is some overlapping due to the chaotic nature of the evolution of my presence online. I have works for sale on Etsy, Saatchi art and Deviant art. My Etsy site is dedicated to small works, called “pocket art.” My Saatchi site contains medium and large works for sale. Prints of pixel and vector art can be found at Deviant Art. My facebook site “Hieronymus Josh” is the facebook arm of all my e-commerce efforts.

In addition to writing copy for all my works for sale (q.v.), I also write an occasional but ongoing apologia for being an artist in the form of a blog entitled “Artist Statement.” Another blog, “Bedtime Stories,” is an experiment in post-modern metafictional history writing in the guise of fairy tales. It is uncertain whether this latter blog has literary merit. My tumble-blog “The Free Lunch Museum” comprises a collection of doodles, office art, color drawings and more, accompanied by my own overindulgent art criticism, ekphrasis and other types of verbal gymnastics.

Further information about my professional life is available on Linked In.

This concludes the brief sketch of my web empire.

I am pleased and honored that you have visited Josh McKeon’s Web Hub and I hope that the links remain sound and take you to sites that you enjoy.